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As Salt Ring – Section 2


Contract Value: $37 Million USD
Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Location: As-Salt, Jordan
Consultant: Dar Al Omran Infrastructure & Environment Co.

Scope of work:

- Construction of 7.5 km of 4-lanes divided highway.

- Construction of three concrete underpasses.
- Construction of reinforced soil walls and reinforced concrete walls.
- Construction of WADI SHUAIB box culvert (6 cells) with total concrete quantity of 16,000 m3.
- Construction of complete drainage system including concrete channels and pipe culverts.
- Construction of 10 km ductile iron (DI) of different diameters for water supply system.
- Construction of 11 km DI and concrete pipes of different diameters for sewer system.
- Construction of 4km Telecommunication ducts for Air force cables.
- Construction of complete highway furniture and lighting.