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Civil Work of New LPG Storage Facilities at Zarka Refinery Project


Contract Value: $3.5 Million USD
Client: Jordan Oil Refinery
Location: Zarqa, Jordan
Consultant: Lotte/ South Korea
Type of Work: Industrial

Scope of Work:
- Construction of the civil works for four spherical liquefied petrol gas storage tanks (4200 m3 each).
- Construction of technical works of a stationary air compressor assembly.
- Construction of an explosion-proof control building equipped with explosion-proof doors, raised floor, false ceiling, and all other mechanical and electrical installations for the LPG tanks central requirements.
- Construction of lighting towers (structural steel).

The works for the LPG tanks include:
-Structural excavations and backfilling.
-Tank footings, tank pillars (48 no.), concrete pipe supports (for gas feed & discharge & fire fighting pipes).
-Working platforms & electrical draw pits.
-Concrete paving under tanks (4500 m2).
-Concrete drainage channel around the tanks.
-Drainage box culvert, pipe culvert, and drainage system.
-Protection works for inclined walls (grouted riprap).
-Valve chambers, manholes, and chain link fence.
-All works were constructed in a strict environment (inside the Jordanian Oil Refinery), high security measures were applied along with restricted movement for our staff. The project was handled and handed over within a strict schedule and according to high standards of the Jordanian Oil Refinery.