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Karak Tourism Development Project


Contract Value: $4.5 Million USD
Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing
Location: Al-Karak, Jordan
Consultant: Pacific Consultants International (PCI)

Type of Work: Infrastructure and Landscaping

Scope of Work Includes:
(A) Reconstruction of Tourist streets in the city center of Karak.
- Shops thresholds, stairs, stone monuments, stone cladding and miscellaneous works.
- Street furniture such as signage, electrical lighting, stone benches, garbage briskets and planting works.
- Construction of two sites for observation to include the construction of Service buildings, Cafeterias and Toilets as well as one open stone cladded theater.
- Construction of special foot pathways for Karak Castle and restoration works for facades and stone cladding and stone steps inside the castle.
(B) Restoration & Rehabilitation works:
- Karak Castle Museum: Renovation and Rehabilitation works including all civil and architectural works, mechanical & electrical works and providing the museum with special showcases and exhibition corners including electrical and lighting works.
- Karak Castle Pathways: Rehabilitation of Existing Castle pathways,  stone cladding and stone steps tiling and decorative works.
- Karak Visitors Center: Renovation and restoration works for the existing old building inside and in front facade.